Our product categories

Our products are mainly divided into four categories:gummies, capsules, solid beverages, and tablet candies


Available in multiple flavors, OEM services provided


Available in multiple flavors, OEM services provided

Solid beverages

Available in multiple flavors, OEM services provided

Tablet candies

Available in multiple flavors, OEM services provided

Our partners

Diverse OEM services

We offer diverse OEM services, turning any of your ideas into reality,Giving you unexpected surprises

Flavor OEM

What flavor do you like? Apple cider vinegar, blueberry, black seed oil, and other flavors can all be customized

Shape OEM

 translates to “Cute, cool, vivid, and funny, all sorts of shapes can be customized, as long as you provide ideas or drawings                     

 Packaging OEM

We can provide professional packaging and customization. Just share your ideas with us, and we will provide you with professional designs

about us

Welcome to all friends and partner manufacturers

Shenzhen Yuemei Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in vitamin dietary supplements and health products, at the forefront of all new technologies in the health industry. We are a one-stop service manufacturer focusing on gummies, capsules, solid beverages, and tablet candies!

Why us

■ Technically proficient, with a research and development team of 12 members.


■ Complete certification, including patent certificates and various qualification certificates.


■ Automated and specialized, with 3 professional automated production lines.


■ GMP production workshop with a cleanroom of 100,000 grade.


■ Rigorous testing, with stringent testing standards and equipment.


■ Company culture is people-oriented, focusing on showcasing the speed and culture of Chinese manufacturing enterprises to international friends.


Hear What Our Customer Reviews


Got these for additional calcium intake. They’re lemon-flavored and much more pleasant than swallowing big calcium pills

Sophia Morgan


I’ve been taking these probiotic capsules for three months and my digestion has significantly improved

Olivia Carter


These Vitamin C pressed candies are handy during the winter. They taste like orange and seem to help keep the flu at bay

Daniel Mitchell


Products containing nutrients to supplement daily diet and support health. 

Gummies and chewable tablets with meals, capsules after meals, solid drinks post-exercise or when tired.

Usually safe at recommended doses, but overuse may cause side effects. Consult a doctor before starting new supplements.

Choose reputable brands, check certifications, and read user reviews.

Follow doctor’s advice, use supplements as a supportive aid.


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